The photo on the left shows the asphalt road to Głowaczewo

Distances from the nearby cities:
Wałcz - 10 km
Piła - 25 km
Szczecin - 150 km
Poznań - 110 km
Warszawa - 360 km
Berlin - 340 km

Wałcz Lake District map, click on the picture


The Wałcz Lake District

The Wałcz Lake District with its capital in Wałcz (28 thousand inhabitants) is located along the border between the Zachodniopomorskie and Wielkopolskie voivodships. It is the land of diversified, post-glacial hilly landscape (with the highest hill of 207 AMSL) and comprises approx. 166 lakes. Sixty percent of the lake district is covered by forests, cut through by numerous picturesque rivers with unpolluted waters, which are ideal for canoeing.

The most popular canoeing routes:

The Rurzyca river (25km long) flows through six beautiful ribbon lakes: Krąpsko Małe, Krąpsko Długie, Trzebieszki, Krąpsko Górne (only 2 km away from the “Nad Piławą" guesthouse), Krąpsko Średnie and Dąb, and flows into the Gwda river. In July 1978, cardinal Karol Wojtyła was canoeing on Rurzyca. Since 1993, the river forms a part of the "Pope John Paul II Canoe Route" and is regarded as one of the top 100 Polish tourist attractions. The route has been classified as easy.

The Piława river (82km long) is the right-hand inflow of the Gwda river. In its upper reaches, the river flows through the lakes of Komorze, Rakowo, Brody, Strzeszyn, Kocie and Pile. The river is canoeable in its full length. It takes five to six days to complete this picturesque (classified easy) route with its interesting and diversified landscapes.

With its length of 145 km, the Gwda river is the largest river of the Wałcz Lake District.
The entire canoeing route (classified easy) can be completed in nine days (three days in the Wałcz Lake District).

The Dobrzyca river is 60 km long. The route is difficult to paddle through due to numerous fallen trees. Experienced canoers can complete the route in three to four days.

All the rivers are rich in fish. The most common species include: grayling, brown trout, burbot, perch, roach, chub, pike and eel.

The Bytyń lake, 20 km away from the "Nad Piławą" guesthouse, is the largest sailable lake of the lake district. With the area of 847hectares and the maximum depth of 41 m, it is a beautiful, quiet ribbon lake superb for sailors. Sailboats are available for rent from local marinas.

The Zdbiczno lake, with an area of 276 hectares and only 9 km away from our guesthouse, is the second largest lake of the Wałcz Lake District and is ideal for anglers.